Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Falling Kingdoms Teaser

Have you heard of FALLING KINGDOMS by Morgan Rhodes?

If you have not, then please go here for some information and then come on back to this post and take a look below for a teaser.

If you have, then you are probably as super excited as I am for this release. As part of the FALLING KINGDOMS street team, I am thrilled to share a teaser with you.

“If this magic is evil—”

“It’s not,” he said firmly.

She frowned. “Witches have been tortured and executed for what I can do.”

“If a witch could really do what you can, she would never let herself be executed.”


Are you now running around anxiously waiting to get your hands on FALLING KINGDOMS? I know I am! For even more excitement and to catch some of the other teasers, check out the other blogs on the street team and get ready for December 11!

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