Saturday, July 9, 2011

Interview with Josephine Angelini!

I am excited for you all to be reading this post! I recently asked Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed, if she wanted to help me with my first author interview. She graciously agreed and I am so happy to be able to share her responses! I can't say enough about Starcrossed and Ms. Angelini. They are both fabulous! =) When I first learned of Starcrossed, I had just finished with the Iron Fey trilogy by Julie Kagawa and was thoroughly obsessed. Her writing left me craving more and thinking about it long after I had closed the last page. I knew Starcrossed would be good, but I didn't think it would have the same affect as Ms. Kagawa. I was very wrong. Ms. Angelini wrote a compelling novel with characters that were exciting and natural, not forced. It had all the elements that scream "bestseller" and "you can't put this down!" Ms. Angelini and HarperTeen had posted the first 100 pages for free. I made a bad decision when I decided to read it. I was hooked on Starcrossed and Ms. Angelini before I even made it to the 100th page. That last page had quite the cliffhanger. But, of course, you will have to read it to find out exactly what I mean. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Starcrossed after that. I just had to know what happened!

I was leaving for vacation the day that it released and I didn't know if I could make it without finding out the next scenes. Luckily, I stopped by my local BN and they had it out Monday, so I didn't have to wait. I quickly snatched it up and raced back to my car where I sat for a few seconds trying not to squeal with joy. I couldn't resist the urge to read it, so once my boyfriend and I arrived at his family's for a Memorial Day cookout, I delved in to Starcrossed. I tried not to get lost in the pages since we were with family, but it was impossible. The story is just so captivating and magical, and frankly quite heart-wrenching. It was such a beautiful story. I did finally force myself to put it down to eat and chat. I ended up reading it in the car on the way to our vacation destination, which gave me motion sickness, but it was so worth it! If you haven't yet purchased Starcrossed or if it is still in your TBR pile, I urge you to open this book. You will not be disappointed by this stunning debut by a wonderful author.

Now for the interview, which I hope you enjoy. =)

SR: *Did any of your family members play a role in the development of your

JA: All of my characters are based on people that I know, but as I develop each character
they become unique. What I borrowed from my family was more of how we all are
when we get together—usually in the kitchen! I tried to recreate the experience of
being in a large, nuclear family for the reader. I wanted to write scenes that would
bring the reader right into the Delos family.

*What inspired you to become a writer?*

I’ve always written. I’ve kept a journal since I was ten, but it took many years for
me to gain the confidence I needed to do it for a living. I always had people nudging
me in the writing direction, like my sisters, professors at NYU, and directors that I
worked with when I was doing a lot of theater in New York. My husband, especially!
When we first started dating about a million years ago he gave me a laptop, taught
me how to write screenplays, and said, “Just write”. So I did.

*You appear to be such a fun, outgoing, and interesting person and I can't
wait to meet you. How has your personality contributed to your experience as
a debut author and to the stories that you create?*

Aw, thanks Raychelle. I can’t wait to meet you too! I think my personality has
helped me as a debut author. I put myself through college waiting tables and
bartending and I think that made me very outgoing. I have no problem walking up
to people and introducing myself, which is sort of what your debut year is like. It’s a
lot of introductions.

*Are you very attached to your characters or are there some that you can't
wait to write out of the story?*

I get attached to them. I’m writing the third book right now and I know that when
I’m done I’m going to miss them all. But still, it’s fun to kill the bad guys!

*The second book is titled Dreamless. Can you tell us anything about it?*

It’s darker than STARCROSSED. A large part of the story takes place in the
Underworld, so there’s a grittier feel, and there is a lot more action. I also introduce
a new character named Orion in this book. I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE
him, Raychelle.

*Did you always want to write Young Adult fiction? Are there any other
genres that you would like to explore?*

I love writing YA fiction, but never say never, right? I guess if I had an idea that was
better suited to a different genre I wouldn’t stop myself from exploring it, but for
now I’m happy where I am.

*After your Starcrossed trilogy is completed, what would you like to work on
next? Do you already have something in mind?*

I do have something in mind. Before I started writing STARCROSSED I outlined a
different YA trilogy, but it was a bit too dark and intricate for my first novel. I’d love
to get back to that idea after I finish the third book.

*Is there anything new that you would like to share or a little known fact
about yourself?*

I prefer licorice to chocolate.

(Thank you Ms. Angelini for your kindness, generosity, and beautiful work. =) I look forward to your future novels. I have a feeling that you are right about Orion. =D I can' wait to see what his character entails.)

That's it for the interview. I hope you all learned something new. I know that I did. =) You can find out more about Josephine Angelini and her novels here as well as reach her blog. She also has a twitter account and a facebook page. She is also hosting a very generous giveaway on her blog. Pull out your best toga, grab your copy of Starcrossed, and snap a pic. You could win a Tiffany heart necklace, which is the necklace that the MC Helen always wears. I hope you take the time to thank her for her wonderful interview and enter her giveaway. She loves to see how Helen is spending her time across the globe.



  1. Thanks for the interview, Raychelle! <3

  2. You are so welcome! =D I am very grateful that you answered questions for me! I can't thank you enough!